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Arifpay provides business application developers with an app development platform that facilitates efficient and rapid app design. Our platform offers a seamless experience and grants access to a vibrant community of over 100 Arifpay partners and customers, allowing you to effectively promote your apps. Furthermore, we offer a Payment Platform as a Service solution tailored specifically for payment service providers. This solution empowers you to develop and promote commerce services to your merchants, enhancing their payment experiences.

Advanced, Developer Friendly APIs Make Your Integration ​Quick And Simple

 APIs play a crucial role in fostering digital transformation, facilitating the emergence of innovative business models and facilitating expansion into new markets. At Arifpay, we recognize the significance of APIs in unlocking the full potential of our products and services. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of global APIs that empower businesses to actively participate in our ecosystem, driving growth and enabling seamless integration with our platform.

Terminal Related APIs

Arifpay provides a standardized set of APIs for designing business apps that seamlessly integrate with our payment terminals.

  • On-terminal APIs interact with features like the barcode reader or printer.
  • APIs compatible with Android devices, including ECR, smartphones or tablets. 
  • Arifpay's cloud APIs offer enhanced services such as alternative payment methods and Buy Now Pay Later options, allowing you to incorporate these features into your business application on the terminal.

Cloud To Cloud APIs

Arifpay provides specific cloud APIs designed to seamlessly integrate your merchant services into our Payment Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution.

  • With our Cloud APIs, integrating your customer payment services into our Payment Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution is a breeze. You can effortlessly promote your services to your merchants, ensuring a seamless and efficient payment experience.

Benefit From Global APIs

  • Standardized APIs
  • Abstract payment complexity
  • Easy integration thanks to code samples 

Cost Efficient​ 
  • Digital journey at your fingertips 
  • Quick training &  integration
  • ​A unique integration to accelerate ROI and maintenance


  • Secure API design & rules on Android​

Fast And Easy Android App Development

  • Speed up Android app development with our software suite and APIs for seamless development, testing, and deployment.
  • Easily access resources and support to facilitate the development of solutions
  •  Harness the expansive footprint and partner ecosystem of Arifpay to your advantage.

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