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Payment Solutions For Gas And EV Charging Stations  

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From gas pumps to EV charging stations, payments are at the core of travel. Our solutions provide a simple and secure customer experience, delivering speed and convenience for all. And with guaranteed 24/7 operation, they can be deployed in the most demanding and heavily used environments.

Integrate Several Payment Configurations

Meet every gas station requirement, from unattended terminals at the pump, EV charging stations, car wash venues, attended terminals at convenience stores, to portable solutions when required.

Offer a Smooth And Secure Customer Experience

  • Grow revenue in-store by using additional program features to improve customer loyalty.
  • Gas station staff can use the ATEX range to manage mobile payments, allowing customers to pay without leaving their cars.

Ruggedized Solutions

Use the range of self-service modules to add cashless payment options to transportation kiosks.

Supervision And Maintenance

  • Simplified fleet management and daily support and maintenance.
  • Maximizing uptime, tracking and monitoring devices, while controlling total cost of ownership.

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