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Step 1

Create an ArifPay Account
Sign Up for An Account, Filling in All the Necessary Information as well as the required identification passcodes to link within your financial assets. Create a strong password alongside that to do your part in maintaining Security Step 1

Step 2

Confirm Your Credentials and Log In
Confirm the E-mail address that was used in the sign-up process and from there, you are all good to go. After being redirected to the login page, put in your username and password to log in. Step 2

Step 3

Once You have Logged in, Make Sure to Personalize and Familiarize. Prompted by Questions, Fill Up the Information we Need so that your business can strive and ArifPay strives towards a Cashless future. Step 3

Step 4

Select Your Priority Banking Integrations
Best usage of our platform would be helped along by a particular customer that makes sure to intertwine finances. This allows for the best user experience that is well-integrated. Step 4

Step 5

Track Your Progress
Once you have started using the platform, make sure to allocate the plethora of sales management and forecasting in the analytics function. This helps your business understand how and when you work most efficiently. Step 5

Begin from the Play and App Store

Simple and Easy Download for the Platform that Enables You to Handle Payments and Transfers Initiated on Smart Devices for a Stress-Free Transaction Experience - ArifPay.

Begin from the Play and App Store