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Online Payment

Arifpay's online payment solutions provide a fast, secure, and convenient way for customers to make purchases online. With Arifpay, customers can make purchases using their computers or mobile devices, without the need for physical cash or cards. Arifpay's online payment solutions also offer a range of benefits for merchants, including faster processing times, reduced transaction costs, and increased sales. By accepting online payments with Arifpay, merchants can expand their customer base and reach more customers, no matter where they are located. Overall, Arifpay's online payment solutions are an essential tool for any business looking to accept payments online.

Ultimate Flexibility

Arifpay's on-the-go payment solutions are designed to keep your business on the move. From compact devices to pocket-size terminals, our payment solutions are easy to carry and can be used to accept payments from anywhere. Our terminals support a range of payment methods, including contactless/NFC, magstripe, and the EMV chip, ensuring that all payments are processed smoothly, securely, and without hassle. With Arifpay, you can provide a seamless and convenient checkout experience for your customers, no matter where you are.

Scalable And Customizable Solutions
Throughout The POS Lifecycle



Extensive Range Of Solutions

From payments to fraud protection, our platform can help you grow faster, optimize operations and manage risk.


Offer A Pleasant Experience

We can help you get to your customers: online, on the road or in your store.


Designed To Grow With Your Business

Our platform was created to help you achieve success, whatever stage of growth you are in. 

Reach Arifpay Customers

Our platform offers a two-way network that connects you with our customers around the country. This is how you find new markets, new channels and new, high-quality customers. And give your customers the flexibility to shop their way.

Accept Payments

  • With Arifpay, your customers can pay the way they want whether you sell online or in a store. Your customers can choose from a variety of payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, and other local payment methods.


  • Get quick and easy access to your available money. This allows you to manage your cash flow, pay suppliers, transfer money to other users, and make purchases online or in person.

Risk Management

  • With our platform, security is not an afterthought. Arifpay makes sure your transactions are protected so you can focus on growing your business. Take advantage of our international expertise and fraud detection tools that are constantly learning new fraud patterns .

Optimize Business Activities

  • When your back office is running smoothly, you can focus on the fun stuff: the front of your business. Our dashboards ensure that your activities run efficiently. They provide reports, analytics and best-in-class dispute resolution for you and your customers. And because everything is integrated, you can easily expand the possibilities.

Discover The Use Cases In Your Industry



Accept payments and manage inventory.


Accept payments and manage orders.


Transportation Accept payments for transit fares.​



Accept payments for medical services.



Accept payments for tuition and fees.


Accept payments for public services.

Nonprofit ORG

Accept donations and manage fundraising.


Accept payments for online sales.

Financial Services

Provide payment solutions to customers.

Mobile Network Operators

Offer mobile payment solutions.

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