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Arifpay offers its partners competitive pricing, technical and marketing support, revenue sharing, customizable solutions, interoperability, and licensing to provide cost-effective payment options, tailored payment solutions, and co-branded marketing materials to help them reach new customers and grow their business, while ensuring security, reliability, and regulatory compliance.


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Our Partner Program has been thoughtfully crafted with your success as our top priority. We are committed to assisting you in providing enhanced and adaptable payment solutions to your valued customers.

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Our Partner Program ensures a smooth onboarding process and sets clear, measurable goals for success


We recognize and accommodate local requirements, as well as understand the diverse partner routes to market.


We collaborate closely with you to co-innovate and create distinctive digital payment solutions tailored to your clients' needs.

Select The Right Partnership

Partner with us to access our world-class payment ecosystem, gain expertise and ensure the success of our mutual customers.


  • Reseller
  • Value Added Reseller (VAR)
  • Service Delivery Partners
  • Trainers
  • Strategic Partners/Alliance
  • Distributors
  • Deal Facilitator
  • Banks/MFI/PSO/PII


Technology-focused partnerships

  • System Integrator (SI)
  • Managed Service Providers(MSP)
  • ICT Consultant
  • Independent Software Vendors/Tech Partners
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Value Added Reseller(VAR)
  • Service Delivery Partners
  • Embedded Partners/While Label Partners

Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Partnership

Distribute payment solutions to merchants and retailers.

Independent Sales Organization (ISO) Partnership

Expand sales network and reach more merchants and retailers.

E-Commerce Partnership

Offer payment solutions to online merchants and retailers.

System Integrator (SI) Partnership

Integrate payment solutions into existing software and systems.

Managed Service Provider

Provide managed services for Arifpay's payment solutions.


Sell Arifpay's payment solutions to merchants and retailers.

Service Delivery Partners

Provide services for Arifpay's payment solutions to merchants and retailers.


Distribute Arifpay's payment solutions to merchants and retailers.

ICT Consultants

Provide consulting services for Arifpay's payment solutions.


Provide training and support for merchants and retailers using Arifpay's payment solutions.

Strategic Partner

Collaborate with Arifpay to maximize expertise, distribution channels, and market reach.

Our World-Class Partner Program

Let's the shape the future of payments together.  


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How it works?

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Visit our website or email our partnership team to express your interest. Let's revolutionize digital payments together.

Complete The Application

Once you've expressed your interest, We will furnish you with an application form to complete. The application will request details about your company, business model, and partnership aspirations. We appreciates your commitment to fostering collaboration. 


Review and Sign Agreement

After submitting your application, We will review it and contact you to discuss the partnership further. If everything looks good, they will provide you with an agreement to review and sign. Once the agreement is signed, you will be ready to start working with Arifpay as a partner.

Let's Partner to Grow Your Business!

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