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In-Store Payment Solutions With Arifpay

Arifpay offers a range of terminals that can be tailored to suit various payment scenarios across your sales area. Whether you need to accept payments at the counter, checkout line, shop floor, or table service, Arifpay has a terminal that can meet your needs. Arifpay terminals ensure swift, secure, and personalized experiences for your customers, regardless of their location within your sales area.

Streamlined Check-Out Solutions With Arifpay

  • Arifpay's checkout solutions can be easily integrated into your retail environment, with extensive connectivity and accessories to support a variety of settings.
  • Our solutions can efficiently process high transaction volumes, with robust performance that ensures your checkout process is always smooth and reliable.​
  • Arifpay's user-friendly devices make checkout quick and easy for your customers, with a streamlined experience that keeps them moving.
  • Our solutions can be easily integrated into self-checkout kiosks, providing a convenient and secure checkout option for your customers.

At The Counter With Arifpay

  • Compact and versatile terminals for efficient countertop payments.
  • User-friendly payment experience with intuitive interfaces.
  • Android solutions for engaging customers at the counter.​
  • User-friendly intuitive payment process thanks to smart designs.
  • Android solutions for raising the bar on customer engagement.

Discover Our Portable Solutions   

At The Table  

  • Streamlined table service and increased efficiency with mobile devices at the counter.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with seamless in-seat payment options.
  • Empowering restaurants with Android solutions for seamless business operations and enhanced efficiency.

 Arif Eka POS    Arif Vente POS     Arif Farda POS   

On-the-Go Sales Solutions With Arifpay

  • Effortless portability for salespeople on-the-move with compact designs.​
  • Powerful and reliable enterprise-grade features and accessories for intensive payment and commercial use.
  • Ensuring business continuity with reliable connectivity solutions.
  • Opt for an Android device to facilitate mobile sales and access inventory or online line ordering services for upselling.

Arif Chento POS   Arif Simuni POS  Arif Dech POS 


Commerce Services

Enhance the consumer experience and improve your business efficiency with a wide range of additional services offered by Arifpay. Our Android-based payment terminals enable you to deploy multiple commerce services, including value-added services, consumer engagement programs, and inventory and staff management tools. With Arifpay's additional services, you can optimize your business operations and provide a better customer experience, helping to drive repeat business and increase sales.

Reinventing The Shopping

Our terminals help you enhance the consumer experience at check-out, by offering much more than just smart ways to pay. Select and easily deploy business applications such as click & connect, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), warranties, ticketing, loyalty, surveys and donations.

Keep Business Running

Through powerful vertical applications, help your customers to better drive their business by connecting the payment device directly to their accounting or inventory systems, and monitoring their business through analytics and reports.

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Discover The Use Cases In Your Industry



Accept payments and manage inventory.

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Accept payments and manage orders.

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Transportation Accept payments for transit fares.​

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Accept payments for medical services.

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Accept payments for tuition and fees.  


Accept payments for public services.

Nonprofit ORG

Accept donations and manage fundraising.


Accept payments for online sales.

Financial Services

Provide payment solutions to customers.  

Mobile Network Operators 

Offer mobile payment solutions.

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