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Payment On-The-Go

Our cutting-edge mobile payment solutions empower you to effortlessly process customer payments no matter where you are. Whether you're engaged in curbside sales, food and service deliveries, home services, taxis, or drive-through sales, our intelligent terminals ensure swift and smooth transactions that cultivate customer loyalty. Arifpay enables you to accept payments securely and swiftly, while delivering a seamless checkout experience that leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

Ultimate Flexibility

 Experience unmatched flexibility with Arifpay's on-the-go payment solutions, offering businesses the ability to accept payments outside traditional brick-and-mortar locations. With our mobile payment solutions, merchants can accept payments using smartphones or tablets, reaching customers at trade shows, pop-up shops, or outdoor events. This flexibility expands customer reach and drives sales. Arifpay's mobile payment solutions provide features like contactless and mobile payments, ensuring a seamless checkout experience. With advanced security measures, businesses can confidently process payments while protecting customer data. Embrace the future of payments with Arifpay and tap into new growth opportunities, delivering convenience and satisfaction to customers anytime, anywhere.

Absolute Mobility

With Arifpay's mobile payment solutions, businesses can achieve absolute mobility and flexibility in accepting payments from customers anywhere and at any time. Utilizing smartphones or tablets, merchants are empowered to process payments on-the-go, whether it's on the streets, at customers' homes, or during events. This unparalleled mobility enables businesses to extend their reach and engage with a wider customer base, regardless of their location. Arifpay's mobile payment solutions encompass various features, including contactless payments, mobile payments, and swift processing times, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free checkout experience for both merchants and customers, regardless of their whereabouts. In summary, Payment on-the-go with Arifpay grants businesses the freedom and adaptability to accept payments beyond the constraints of traditional brick-and-mortar locations.


​ Perfect Business Companions

Arifpay: Empowering businesses with on-the-go payments. Enjoy flexibility and mobility with our seamless checkout experience. Accept payments anywhere, anytime, outside of traditional locations. Perfect for businesses on the move, reaching customers wherever they are. Unlock new opportunities and enhance customer convenience with Arifpay.

Available Partnership Modalities 

Value-Added Reseller

Distribute payment solutions to merchants and retailers.​

Banks/PSOs /PIIs/MFIs

Offer payment solutions to bank customers and financial institutions.​

System Integrators

System Integrators Integrate payment solutions into existing software and systems.



Sell Arifpay's payment solutions to merchants and retailers.​

Managed Service Providers

Provide managed services for Arifpay's payment solutions.

Independent Software Vendors

Integrate Arifpay's payment solutions into their software and systems.

Service Delivery Partners

Provide services for Arifpay's payment solutions to merchants and retailers.​


Distribute Arifpay's payment solutions to merchants and retailers.

ICT Consultants

Provide consulting services for Arifpay's payment solutions.


Provide training and support for merchants and retailers using Arifpay's payment solutions.

Strategic Partner

Share resources and/or collaborate with Arifpay to leverage each other’s expertise, distribution channels, and/or competitive market reach.

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Find a local partner right for you, who understands your unique business and industry needs.

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